Texas A&M to Build Premium Donor Village on Empty Campus Spaces ...

Growth in enrollment pushed Texas A&M University near the top of a list of places with the most student off-campus housing to be added in 2018, a new report showed.

Developers are on track to add 2,487 off-campus beds at Texas A&M University in 2018, according to RealPage, a provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry.

The school is second only to Florida State University, which is on target to add 2,707 off-campus beds in 2018. Together, the two schools account for 11 percent of the total U.S. housing supply to be delivered this fall.

Enrollment at Texas A&M has grown by 12,700 since 2011, while Florida State added only 1,000 students during the period, Realpage said.

The University of Texas, meanwhile, is projected to add 1,483 off-campus beds this year. UT ranked No. 4 behind University of Central Florida, which is adding 1,495 off-campus beds.

Arizona State rounded out the top 5 with 1,482 new off-campus beds in 2018.

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Since 2011, developers will have added 13,585 off-campus beds at Texas A&M including the upcoming fall deliveries. That’s more than double the 6,181 off-campus beds added at UT during the period.

Nationally, developers are adding 47,039 off-campus beds this year.

The University of Houston, which has added a number of privately owned, off-campus apartments in recent years, did not make the top 20, which cut off around 900 beds.

Other Texas schools on the list are the University of Texas at Arlington, 1,282 beds and the University of Texas at Dallas, 1,080 beds.

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